Roof Storm Damage

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If you have lived in Oklahoma for an extended time, you have probably experienced our severe weather. Oklahoma is frequently impacted by hail and strong winds. When we experience hail, there may be roof storm damage that is present, as a result. If your home does have hail damage or any roof storm damage, you may be eligible to have your roof replaced by your insurance company. Hiring a local roofing company that fully understands the roof insurance claims process’s intricacies is very important. All Performance Roofing & Restorations have the knowledge and experience to handle your insurance claim and help you restore your home to pre-storm condition. Call today to schedule your free roof inspection.

roof storm damage

Hail is what will get roofs approved, and get the insurance to pay the homeowner who is only responsible for the deductible. We claim if the damage is there, and then insurance approves, and we work off the insurance estimate for a full replacement. If you are a homeowner who has experienced a recent hail storm, this is the best time for a free inspection.

roof storm damage
roof storm damage
roof replacement

Are you missing shingles? Do you have stains on your ceiling and are not sure where they are coming from? These are typical indicators that you may need a roof repair. Call today to schedule your free roof inspection at 918-520-8957.